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Eric Stang, CEO of Ooma

Alex does a masterful job of pulling together insights across different products and businesses and then communicating those insights in a practical and useful way so you can see how they apply to your own situation.

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From the blog

Do Your Salespeople Know What They Can Sell?

A fascinating thing happened last week.   I was leading a half-day workshop for the Renaissance Executive Forum in New Jersey. We did an exercise where the participants were asked to write out as many of their product and service offerings as they could get on paper.  They then gathered with their co-workers to compare their


The Massive Cost of Fear in Sales

With fantasy football season upon us, I went to see its impact on our economy. Fortune says that fantasy football costs $17 billion per year in lost productivity in the U.S.   Big number, right? Bigger than many economies around the world.   In the same search, I saw that depression costs our economy $210 billion.   But