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Growth Video Series

My new Growth Video Series will deliver a short four-to-six minute video into your inbox that will grow your sales, improve your marketing, increase your activity levels, and make you more money.



The Growth Workshop

A full day recorded experience on dramatically growing your business, complete with exercises and built-in interaction.



Free Webinar for Corporate Executives

Simple Techniques for Attracting New Customers

Wednesday July 31, 11 AM Central Time / 12 PM EST


From the Blog

Obstacles That Keeps Us From Marketing

April 14, 2014

I define marketing as consistently communicating your value to people who can buy from you. Here are the obstacles that keep us from doing so: 1. Fear: Of failing; of offending; of rejection. This is the single greatest impediment to marketing action. 2. Perfection: You have many chances to make good impressions. Take action when your marketing […]

The Discipline of Doing

April 7, 2014

I received a lot of feedback from you regarding last week’s newsletter on the difference between knowing what to do and doing it (it’s discipline). A few of you said it was the best Evangelist Marketing Minute ever. So I spent some time last week defining the elements that go into this discipline: On-demand awareness: You may know what […]