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Eric Stang, CEO of Ooma

Alex does a masterful job of pulling together insights across different products and businesses and then communicating those insights in a practical and useful way so you can see how they apply to your own situation.

CEO, Ooma

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From the blog

Kill The Fear

For many salespeople, the fear of rejection is bigger than the need to feed their family.  Think about the massive power — and tragedy — of this truth.  We would rather not know the answer, than open ourselves up for possible rejection.  It’s why we email instead of call: the rejection is less personal. A


Happiness Matters

At my Revenue Growth Summit 10 days ago, I gave everyone a canister of vanilla pecan cookies. Printed on the outside, in large letters, was “Pivot to the Sale!”  Every time the 55 or so attendees ask for the business, I advised them to eat a cookie. (It’s why I make the big bucks.)  That’s